Lemire Precision offers screw machining services for the automobile, industrial, medical, recreational, transportation, appliance and plastic molding industries. The company manufactures custom products, including nuts, screws, rods and bolts, as well as other products, such as:

  • Inserts for plastic
  • Insert for composites
  • Plastic Components
  • Gear
  • Sensor Body
  • Pulleys
  • Fittings

Materials such as brass, stainless steel, aluminium, alloyed steel, copper, nylon and certain alloys are used depending on the properties and uses sought, always with the aim of lowering costs for the customers.

Machinery for screw machining

Multi-spindle screw machine

  • Davenport 0,125 – 0,875 dia.
  • Wickman 0,125 – 3,500 dia.

Parts inspection

During screw machining operations, quality control is frequently performed. Lemire Precision ensures rigorous manual and automated inspection before and after production, guaranteeing identical lots.

Inspection machinery

  • CMM

  • Artificial vision

  • Surface testing

  • Optical comparator

  • Conventional measuring instruments

Secondary operations

  • Grinder

  • Conventional lathe

  • Conventional milling machine

  • Press Drill

  • Robot arm

  • Press